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Eng. Nadi Masalha
Eng. Nadi Masalha


ZontaSoft has led the market in the provision of diverse LIMS solutions, and more recently – in line with the advent of the Fourth Industrial, Revolution – ZontaSoft upholding LIMS its reputation as a market pioneer, embarked on its laboratory digital transformation journey by launching the LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) in 2019 and began investing heavily in LIMS cloud computing as its enabling technology vehicle, and allowing ZontaSoft to grow its portfolio to cover offerings in cloud infrastructure and Managed Security Solutions, as well as scalable, unique-to-the-region productized offerings.

ZontaSoft has positioned itself as a key player in the Laboratory digital transformation of the IT sector. With a wide range of offerings in infrastructure integration, software, and professional services such as  (Constructions, Civil Engineering, Materials and  Laboratory, Geotechnical).

ZontaSoft also boasts IP in e-commerce and compliance products and solutions, cementing its standing as one of the best providers of LIMS solutions in the region – serving a lot of customers within angering market.


ZontaSoft Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (“Code”) exemplifies our dedication to these high business standards, At ZontaSoft, we put our principles and values into practice every day, As we move forward, our ethics will help ensure that our principles continue to be reflected in each project and business activity. A commitment to integrity, acting honestly and ethically, and complying with the letter and intent of the law are critical to our continued success.


ZontaSoft mission is to leverage its leadership position as a Technology Provider in MENA to deliver innovative LIMS Solutions while maintaining its core principles of Excellence, Commitment and Integrity.


ZontaSoft Software shall develop into a leading international software business partner that executes projects in a boundary-less information society.