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Skyway ProGeotechnical​

Skyway Pro Geotechnical

Registers, processes and monitors all daily activities and covers the overall geotechnical site investigation cycle from the customer inquiry to the report delivery.

Skyway ProMaterials

Skyway Pro Materials

Built-in test report certificates (report) generator for routine tests such as compressive strength, field density, particle distribution, proctor, CBR, Atterberg limits, water content, absorption, tensile strength, Asphalt tests and more.

Skyway Pro Quality

Audit Checklist Builder. Any type of audit can be expressed as checklist. One order may handle multiple audit checklists.

Skyway ProArchiving

Skyway Pro Archiving

Multi departments with multi document classifications, Document entry within 1 minutes, Store outgoing and incoming documents.

Calibration LIMS-Skyway-Zontasoft

Skyway Pro Calibration

Complete calibration work order management and asset register for instruments machines, equipment and devices and their accessories.

integration LIMS-Skyway-Zontasoft


Oracle Integration Cloud Services,(OICs),  Oracle fusion applications, sage application.




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